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tBT CoverAn ABCT tradition, the Behavior Therapist has stimulated readers for over 40 years with its high-quality, thought-provoking articles on cognitive and behavioral practice, theory, and research, including humor, reviews, training program overviews, clinical dialogues, and news of the field. A publication devoted to work by seasoned clinicians, researchers, and students alike, often featuring theoretical debates among pioneers of the field, tBT is an excellent educational tool and archive of the field's evolution. Received by all ABCT members (8 times a year), the Behavior Therapist is ABCT's most popular publication.

Editor: Gregory S. Chasson, Ph.D.

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tBT Journals (2005)

2005 Editions of the Behavior Therapist Journal.
tBT Volume 28, No. 8
ABCT, December 2005


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
    News & Notes People in the News 177
Kazantzis Nikolaos Letter to the Editor In Pursuit of Homework Adherence in Behavior and Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Comment on Malouff and Schutte (2004) 179
Dattilio Frank M.      
MacEwan Jamie      
Franks Cyril In Memoriam Remembering Edward Dengrove, M.D. 184
Malouff John M. Technology Update Giving Psychology Away Through the Internet 185
Spring Bonnie Research-Training Link An Evidence Based Practice Glossary: Unscrambling Alphabet Soup 187
Pagoto Sherry      
Altman Sarah      
Thorn Beverly      
Medow Herman M. Book Review Zull, J.E. (2002) The Art of Changing the Brain 189
    Classifieds   190
      CE Opportunities 186
      Call for Web Editor 189
      Call for Workshops 194

tBT Volume 28, No. 7
ABCT, October 2005


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Beck J. Gayle President's Message (Trumpets, Please) Entering the 21st Century 145
Reitman David From the Editor   147
DiLillo Daivd News & Notes People in the News: Andrew Christensen 148
Dreer Laura E.   Media Spotlight: The New York Times Features the Role of Cognitive Therapy for the Prevention of Suicide 148
Wotring Jim Featured Article Critical Ingredients for Improving Mental Health Services: Use of Outcome Data Stakeholder Involvement and Evidence-Based Practices 150
Hodges Kay      
Zue Yange      
Forgatch Marion      
Hamerlynck L.A. tBT Classic "When You Pass the Behavioral Buck - Make It Contingent" or Reflection Upon Service in State Government 158
Doss Amanda Jensen Research-Training Link: Miniseries on Dissemination Is Comorbidity Really a Problem for the Dissemination of Evidence-Based Treatments for Youth? 160
Antony Martin M.   Five Strategies for Bridging the Gap Between Research and Clinical Practice 162
Smitherman Todd A. Student Forum Student Involvement Within ABCT 163
Stickleback Herman Lighter Side Letter to the Editor 165
Roecklein Kathryn A. At AABT/ABCT Live Like a Washington Local at ABCT: Fun and Unique Activities Off the Beaten Path in DC 166
Rohan Kelly J.      
Felgoise Stephanie   Run for President-Elect, Representative at Large or Secretary Treasurer 168
      Welcome, New Members! 170
    Classifieds   175

tBT Volume 28, No. 6
ABCT, September 2005


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Chan Karen K. Special Series Treating Outside the Box: The Top-10 Lists for Treating Comorbid Addictive Behaviors in Indigenous, African, Hispanic and Asian American Groups 113
Blume Arthur      
McNair Lily      
Nagayama Hall Gordon C.      
Gonzalez Castro Felipe      
Marlatt G. Alan Behavior Therapy    
Evans Steven W. Training Program Update Master's Programs in Behavior Therapy 123
Timmins Bebhinn      
Ujcich Ward Kimberly J.      
Carr James E.      
Evans Steven W.      
Henriques Gregg R.      
Miltenberger Raymond G.      
Rokke Paul D.      
Williams John      
Kohn Carolynn      
Dagenbach Dale      
    More Memories of Samuel M. Turner A Tribute from His Students 131
Rohan Kelly J. Convention 2005 ABCT Convention Returns to Our Nation's Capital 135
Otto Michael W. Lighter Side Noise From the President-Elect: Advice to Interns and Faculty Everywhere 137
Clark Tana L. Book Reviews Causes of Conduct Disorder and Juvenile Delinquency (Lahey et al., Eds.) 138
Chronis Andrea M.      
Kinnaman Joanna Strong   Cognitive Therapy of Schizophrenia (Kingdom & Turkington) 139
Bennett Melanie      
    Classifieds   143

tBT Volume 28, No. 4
ABCT, April 2005


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Dreer Laura E. News & Notes Highlights Behavior Therapy for Kids with OCD 69
      People in the News: Philip C Kendall 71
Webster Steven L. Institutional Settings Building a Treatment Mall: A First Step in Moving a State Hospital to a Culture of Rehabilitation and Recovery 71
Harmon Susan H.      
Paesler Betty T.      
Seime Richard J. Training Program Update The 5th Annual AABT Postdoctoral Panel and Overview: November 2004 78
Zeiss Antonette M.      
Marks Isaac Clinical Forum Common Language for Psychotherapy Procedures 81
Levine Samantha Book Reviews The Psychology of Closed Mindedness 84
Lejuez C.W.      
Goldfine Matthew   Multisystemic Therapy and Neighborhood Partnerships: Reducing Adolescent Violence and Substance Abuse 86
Lopez-Williams Andy      
      Classifieds 87

tBT Volume 28, No. 3
ABCT, March 2005


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Reitman David News & Notes "News and Notes" Returns 45
Carter James A. Technology Update The Criterion-Based Development Model for Media-Based Self-Instructional Training Programs 48
Zeiss Antonette M. Training Program Update An Overview of the 21st Annual AABT Internship Panel and Overview 54
Seime Richard J.      
Kelly Megan M. Student Forum Psychological Adaptation to Graduate School: How to Smell the Roses While Burning the Midnight Oil 57
      Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members 60
      Welcome, New Members! 62
    Classifieds   65

tBT Volume 28, No. 2
ABCT, February 2005


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Beck J. Gayle President's Message Reaching Out - A Step Toward Our Goals 25
Patterson Gerald R. Editor's Choice The Next Generation of PMTO Models 27
Heller Robert F. Letters to the Editor Missing at AABT Convention: Therapists in Independent Practice 34
Madison Saz M.   An Intern's Experience 34
Robb Hank   Attracting Practitioners to Our Convention 35
Lazarus Arnold   Practitioners Feel Cost-Benefit Ratio is Not in Their Favor 35
Goisman Robert M.   Medical Residents Seek CBT Training 36
Weinand Jonathan   Update on the Professional Issues Committee 36
Melamed Deborah      
Comtois Katherine Training Program Update Strategies for Advancing Diversity Within Graduate Training and Internship Training Programs 38
Pinto Bernadine      
Weinberg Richard      
Field Clint      
Gross Alan M. The Lighter Side The Junior Faculty Blues 39
Janicki Paula Book Reviews Cognitive Therapy and Dreams (Rosner et al., Eds.) 41
DeViva Jason   Using Workbooks in Mental Health (L'Abate, Ed.) 42
      Classifieds 43

tBT Volume 28, No. 1
ABCT, January 2005


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Reitman David From the Editor A New tBT for the ABCT 1
Stickle Tim Meet the Editors   4
Chronis Andrea      
Forsyth John      
Marx Brian      
Anderson Drew      
Dadds Mark      
Wilson Kelly      
Long Ethan      
Hansen David      
Iwamasa Gayle      
Burling Andrea Seidner      
Kelly Megan      
Penn David      
Sbraga Tamara Penix      
Carter James      
Field Clint      
Beck J. Gayle President's Message What's in a Name 16
Wilson Kelly G. The Lighter Side The Serious Matter of Humor in Science 17
Sobell Linda C. Archives Stories You Never Heard and Want to Tell Your Students 17
Gallagher Richard Book Review Practitioner's Guide to Empirically Based Measures of School Behavior (Kelley et al, Eds) 18
      Classifieds 23