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tBT CoverAn ABCT tradition, the Behavior Therapist has stimulated readers for over 40 years with its high-quality, thought-provoking articles on cognitive and behavioral practice, theory, and research, including humor, reviews, training program overviews, clinical dialogues, and news of the field. A publication devoted to work by seasoned clinicians, researchers, and students alike, often featuring theoretical debates among pioneers of the field, tBT is an excellent educational tool and archive of the field's evolution. Received by all ABCT members (8 times a year), the Behavior Therapist is ABCT's most popular publication.

Editor: Gregory S. Chasson, Ph.D.

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tBT Journals (2022)

2022 editions of the Behavior Therapist Journal.
tBT Volume 45, No. 8
ABCT, December 2022





Last, Briana S.

Science Forum

Science on Trial: Policy Disputes Over Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts


Wuest, Joanna


Brown. Lily A.

Original Research Timing of Suicidal Ideation Among Persons Living With HIV 298

Zhu, Yiqin


Narine, Kevin


Simon, Savannah


Akpoduado, Eguono


Stapleton, Lynlee Tanner

Clinical Practice Forum Roles and Opportunities for Child- and Family-Focused Psychologists in the Federal Executive Branch 307

Parikshak, Sangeeta


Schreier, Alayna

  At ABCT tBT Survey 286
    Call for Award Nomination 313

2023 Convention: Call for Abstracts—General Session


    2023 Convention: Call for CE Sessions—Ticketed Sessions 317
    Election Results 318
    Call for Applications: Fellows 319

tBT Volume 45, No.7
ABCT, October 2022






Park. Alayna L.


Rethinking Clinical Training: Introduction to the Special Issue


Sewart, Amy R.


Ernestus, Stephanie M.

Clinical Training Forum The Future of Mental Health Care: Why We Need Clinical Competencies for Undergraduate Psychology Majors 232

Eubanks Flemming, C.J.


Wenze, Susan J.


Blomquist, Kerstin K.


Wells, Stephanie Y.

Student Forum Promoting Access and Broadening Opportunity for Admission to Doctoral Programs in Clinical Psychology 240

Wilhite, Emily R.


Clark, Alexandra L.


Forcino, Stacy S.

Clinical Training Forum The Clinical Training Timeline in Terminal Master’s Programs: Challenges and Solutions 245

Grimes, L. Michelle


Capriotti, Matthew R.


Woodhead, Erin L.


Angyal, Blanka

Student Forum The More You Know, the More You Owe: The Cumulative Impacts of Doctoral Psychology Financial Burden 249

Fernandes, Mary A.


Guinadi, Quincy


Yarrington, Julia S.

  The Importance of Virtual Interviews for Graduate School and Internships in Clinical Psychology 254

Boyd, Meredith R.


Keenan-Miller, Danielle


Smith, Zoe R.

Clinical Practice Forum Call to Action: Internship Equity for Clinical Psychologists 259

Joyner, Keanan J.

Clinical Training Forum Exploring Different Visions for the Future of Health Service Psychology Internships: Reports From an Initial Stakeholder Meeting 264

Anderson, Lisa M.


Bekele, Beza M.


Callahan, Jennifer L.


Egbert, Amy H.


Grus, Catherine


Hill, Kimberly


Hsu, Jeanette


Keilin, E. Gregory


López, Gabriela


Mehta, Tara G.


Sequeira, Stefanie


Siegel, Wayne


Silberbogen, Amy K.


Strauman, Timothy J.


Vas, Shona N.


Wall, Jacqueline R.


Washburn, Jason J.


Yee, Cindy M.


Teachman, Bethany A.



At ABCT Spotlighting ABCT Fellows: Maureen Whittal 270


  Call for Applications: Fellows 271


  2022 Graduate Student Research Grant Winner and Honorable Mention 272


  Call for Continuing Education Ticketed Sessions 275


  Call for Award Nominations 276

tBT Volume 45, No. 6
ABCT, September 2022






Marrow, Elliot

Clinical Practice Forum

Breaking Cycles of Harm: Lessons From Transgender History for Today’s Clinicians


Browning, Morgan E.

  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Co-Occurring Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: Evidence-Based Treatments and Future Research Directions 199

Lloyd-Richardson, Elizabeth E.


Schneider, Rebecca L.


Faro, Alyssa J.


Muehlenkamp, Jennifer J.


Claudio-Hernández, Adriana


Blake, R. Alexander

Original Research Lexicon Problems in Mental Health Graduate Training: Defining, Understanding, and Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Through Accreditation 209

Kim, Rachel E.


Okamura, Kelsie H.


Thomas, Emily B.K.

News ABCT’s 2022 Convention Review and Decision Process 216

Orengo-Aguayo, Rosaura


Duncan, Jason

At ABCT Getting to Know New York: A Constantly Evolving City Where Almost Anything Is Possible 223

Krembuszewski, Beata


Orengo-Aguayo, Rosaura

  Convention Preview pp. i

Thomas, Emily B.K.


Eimer, Mary Jane

  From Your Executive Director: What Your Leadership and Staff Are Working on to Serve You Better 226


tBT Volume 45, No. 5
ABCT, June 2022






Seligman, Laura D.

President’s Message

Acting on the Recommendations of the ABCT Task Force for Equity, Inclusion, and Access: Updates and Next Steps


Berman, Danielle I.

Original Research Telemental Health: It’s Here to Stay, What Can We Do Better for Future Trainees? 156

Mahrer, Nicole E.


Duffy, Sarah


Huffman, Noelle


Cohen, Rachel


Eaton, Jennifer

Clinical Practice Forum Clinical Considerations for the Delivery of Virtual Dialectical Behavior Therapy to High-Risk Patients 163

Eyllon, Mara


Hogan, Annika C.


Barnes, J. Ben


Nordberg, Samuel S.


Crouch, Maria “Tavo” Christina

Science Forum Strategies for Inclusivity of American Indian and Alaska Native Peoples in Behavior Therapy Research: Within-Group Diversity, Data, and Ethical Recommendations 168

Andrew, Nyché “Skavaq Sivulliuqte” Tyme


Anderson, RaeAnn E.

Original Research The Preliminary Development of the North Dakota Sexual Violence Intervention Acceptability Measure 175

Kuhn, Sara K.


Nickell, Anne E.


DiBartolo, Patricia Marten

At ABCT Fostering Transparency Around ABCT’s Election Process 182
  Plus 2022 Annual Convention: Reviewer Data 154
    Call for Nominations: ABCT Officers 183

Call for Nominations: Champions


    Call for Applications: Fellows 185
    Call for Papers: C&BP Special Section on Pediatric Populations 150

tBT Volume 45, No. 4
ABCT, April 2022


Name Topic Title Page
Acosta Canchila, M. Natalia Original Research The Role of Discrimination and Vaccine Distrust in Vaccine Uptake Among Latines in the Midwest 117
Reyes, Sara      
Estrada Gonzalez, Sandra Mariely      
Dominguez, Vanessa      
Acosta, Laura M.      
Guerra, Romeo      
Pulido, Carmen      
Caicedo, Olga      
Andrews, Arthur R.      
Gallagher, Michael R. Science Forum Quantifying Devaluation of Positivity Via Self-Report Measures : A Review and Directions for Future Research 130
Collins, Amanda C.      
Winer, E. Samuel      
Busa, Samantha Clinical Practice Forum A Descriptive Case Study of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group Intervention Adaption for Transgender Youth with Social Anxiety Disorder 135
Wernick, Jeremy      
Kellerman, John      
Glaeser, Elizabeth      
McGregor, Kyle      
Wu, Julius      
Janssen, Aron      
Narine, Kevin O.   Call to Action : Mobilizing Clinical Psychology Programs to Support AAPI Trainees Through an Anti-Racism Framework 142
Chang, Cindy J.      
Ho, Erica J.      
Francis, Christine      
Davis, Lindsey S.      
Vuky, Catherine      
  Plus Call for Nominations: Champions 148
    Call for Applications, Fellows 149
    Digital Drop-ins 150

tBT Volume 45, No. 3
ABCT, March 2022


Name Topic Title Page
Hom, Melanie A. Original Research Development, Implementation and Clinical Utility of the Identities in Treatment Scale: A Self-Report Assessment of Patients' Demographic Characteristics and Sociocultural Identities 81
Jackson, Felicia      
Bowers, Emily M.      
Pinder-Amaker, Stephanie L.      
Wadsworth, Lauren P.      
Björgvinsson, Thröstur      
Beard, Courtney      
Vasterling, Jennifer J.   Episodic Future Thinking and COVID-19 Vaccination Intent in Trauma-Exposed Military Veterans: A Pilot Study 96
Lafleche, Ginette C.      
Patt, Virginie      
Verfaellie, Mieke      
Lau, Nancy Academic Forum The Invisibilization of Asian American Women Psychologists in Academia: A Call to Action 99
Zhou, Anna M.      
Zhao, Xin      
Ng, Mei Yi      
Suyemoto, Karen L.      
Eimer, Mary Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director: What Your Leadership and Staff are Working on to Serve You Better 107
    Minutes of Annual Meeting of Members 108
  Plus Digital Drop-ins 106
    Call for Nominations: Champions 113
    Call for Applications, Fellows 115

tBT Volume 45, No. 2
ABCT, February 2022


Name Topic Title Page
Rancher, Caitlin Original Research Parenting Stress and Low-Income Preschool Family Well-Being During COVID-19 49
Hubel, Grace S.      
Shanholtz, Caroline E.      
Moreland, Angela D.      
Mokrue, Kathariya Clinical Practice Forum Limited English Proficiency Population: A Call to Action 58
Gilmore, Amanda K. Academic Forum Women-Led Research Support Groups to Bolster Success in Academia During Social and Historic Change 63
Moreland, Angela D.      
Leone, Ruschelle M.      
Goodrum, Nada M.      
Metzger, Isha W.      
Are, Funlola      
Lopez, Cristina      
  At ABCT : Fellows Call for Nominations, Fellows Committee 67
    Call for Applications, Fellows 68
  At ABCT : Annual Convention Call for Papers/General Sessions 69
    Preparing to Submit an Abstract 70
    ABCT & Continuing Education 71
    Understanding the ABCT Annual Convention 72
  At ABCT : Awards & Recognition Call for Award Nominations 76
    Call for Nominations Champions 79

tBT Volume 45, No. 1
ABCT, January 2022


Name Topic Title Page
Seligman, Laura D. President's Message Introducing ABCT's Town Halls: A Pathway to Engagement and Equity 1
LeBeau, Richard Message from the Editor Reflections on tBT as it Enters its 45th Year 4
Cho, Christine J. Original Research Looking Forward, Looking Back: Results of the ABCT Task Force for Equity, Inclusion and Access Membership Survey 6
Feinstein, Brian A.      
Pimentel, Sandra S.      
Carter, Sierra E.      
Lopez, Cristina M.      
Delapp, Ryan C.T.      
Seligman, Laura D.      
Anderson, RaeAnn E.      
Rizvi, Shireen L.      
Moreland, Angela News "Hoarding: Chasing a New Diagnosis Through Brian, Body and Behavior": Reflections on the ABCT Presidential Address by Dr. David Tolin 21
Zullo, Lucas   "Harnessing Research for Social and Policy Change: Thinking Differently about Impact" : Reflections on Dr. Kelly Brownell's Invited Address 22
Vane, Ryan   "Social Anxiety Disorder: The Role of Emotion (Dys)Regulation in Its Nature and Treatment" : Reflections on Dr. Richard Heimberg's Lifetime Achievement Award Address 24
Sewart, Amy      
Haney, Angela M.   "Racial Justice Allyship Requires Civil Courage: A Behavioral Prescription for Moral Growth and Change" : Reflections on Dr. Monnica William's Invited Address 25
Chue, Amanda E.   "Toward an Intersectional Model of Translational Neuroscience: Engaging Marginalized Community Partners to Adopt Neuroscience in Psychology Clinics" : Reflections on the Invited Panel 27
Park, Alayna L.   Translating Cognitive and Behavioral Science to Action: Reflections on Dr. Lynn Bufka's Invited Address 29
  At ABCT Spotlight on Mentors 31
    Call for Nominations, Fellows Committee 34
    Call for Applications, Fellows 35
    Preparing to Submit an Abstract: 56th Annual Convention 36
    Call for Ticketed Sessions 37
    Understanding the ABCT Annual Convention 38
    Call for General Sessions 39
    ABCT & Continuing Education 41
    Call for Award Nominations 44