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tBT CoverAn ABCT tradition, the Behavior Therapist has stimulated readers for over 40 years with its high-quality, thought-provoking articles on cognitive and behavioral practice, theory, and research, including humor, reviews, training program overviews, clinical dialogues, and news of the field. A publication devoted to work by seasoned clinicians, researchers, and students alike, often featuring theoretical debates among pioneers of the field, tBT is an excellent educational tool and archive of the field's evolution. Received by all ABCT members (8 times a year), the Behavior Therapist is ABCT's most popular publication.

Editor: Gregory S. Chasson, Ph.D.

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tBT Journals (2021)

2021 Editions of the Behavior Therapist Journal.
tBT Volume 44, No. 8
ABCT, December 2021


Name Topic Title Page
Tolin, David F. President's Message Updates to Strategic Goals and Initiatives for ABCT 381
Moreland, Angela Special Issue : Violence, Part II Introduction to the Special Issue on Violence : Part II 385
LeBeau, Richard      
Anderson, RaeAnn      
Packard, Grace Original Research Intersections of Systemic Harm : The Relationship Between Interpersonal Violence and Institutional Racism on PTSD and Depression Symptoms Among Black Women 386
Eason, Kelly      
McKoy, Kimberly      
Mekawi, Yara      
Maples-Keller, Jessica      
Powers, Abigail      
Bradley, Bekh      
Carter, Sierra      
Mills, Katelyn J.   Victims of Sexual Assault Report Different Barriers Preventing them from Reporting than Nonvictims 399
Mongene, Noelle G.      
Taylor, Sean E.      
Ansari, Neha F.      
Parkhill, Michele R.      
Moreland, Angela Literature Review A Review of Preparation for and Responses to Mass Violence Incidents 404
Davies, Faraday      
Kilpatrick, Dean      
Espinoza, Luci Dumas Science Forum Moral Injury: Relevance and Applicability to Offender Populations 412
Steinmetz, Sarah      
Gray, Matt      
Chitiyo, Rufaro A. Clinical Practice Forum Resilience and Growth in the Face of Household Dysfunction 417
Ramsey, Elizabeth      
Sheerin, Kaitlin M. Letter to the Editor The Evidence Base for Treating Adolescents with a History of Sexual Offenses: Comment on Mii et. Al. (2021) 422
Brown, Cynthia E.      
Dopp, Alex R. Dopp      
Moshier, Samantha Student Forum Interview Series: Clinical Psychology Careers "Off the Beaten Path" : Part 3 423
  Obituaries Steven Fishman 426
    Aaron Temkin Beck 427
    S. Jack Rachman 429
  At ABCT Call for Nominations Fellows Committee 430
    Call for Applicants, Fellows 431
    Call for Award Nominations 433
    From Your Executive Director 435
    Call for Ticketed Sessions 436
    Call for General Sessions 437

tBT Volume 44, No. 7
ABCT, October 2021


Name Topic Title Page
Fang, Angela Neurocognitive Therapies, Translational Research and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2021 Introduction to the Special Issue: Neurocognitive Therapies, Translational Research and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2021 321
Young, Katherine S.      
Strege, Marlene V.   Integrating Neuroscience into Clinical Practice: Current Opinions and Dialogue Between Drs. Jacqueline Persons and Kerry Ressler 326
Persons, Jacqueline B.      
Ressler, Kerry J.      
Krawczak, Rebecca A.      
Fang, Angela      
Goldin, Philippe      
Siegle, Greg J.      
Sherrill, Joel   Translational, Psychosocial Research: Prospects for Advancing Understanding of Mental Illness Trajectories and Facilitating Interventions Across the Lifespan 335
Talkovsky, Alexander      
Laky, Zoe E.   Toward a More Inclusive Neuroscience-Informed Treatment of OCD: A Clinical Case Example 340
Szkutak, Abigail      
Fang, Angela      
DeSerisy, Mariah   Intolerance of Uncertainty and Risk for Anxiety: Neural Mechanisms and Cross-Cultural Implications 346
Hirsch, Emily      
Stadterman, Jill      
Silverman, Melanie      
Roy, Amy K.      
Peckham, Andrew D.   Why Don't Cognitive Training Programs Transfer to Real Life? Three Possible Explanations and Recommendations for Future Research 357
Kryza-Lacombe, Maria   Integrating Neuroeducation into Psychotherapy Practice: Why and How to Talk to Patients About the Brain 361
Richards, Elizabeth      
Hansen, Natasha      
Goldin, Philippe      
Moshier, Samantha Student Forum Interview Series: Clinical Psychology Careers "Off the Beaten Path" : Part 2 371
Davison, Gerald C. Obituary Obituary for Albert Bandura 373
  At ABCT Call for Award Nominations 376
    Annual Convention in NYC: Call for Ticketed Sessions 379

tBT Volume 44, No. 6
ABCT, September 2021


Name Topic Title Page

Tolin, David F.

President's Message Going to New Orleans: Facing the Challenges and Consequences 261

Eimer, Mary Jane

At ABCT From Your Executive Director: What Your Leadership and Staff Are Working on to Serve You Better 264

Longley, Susan

Science Forum The New Frontier of Mental Health Apps: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Managing the Risks 265

Williams, Monnica T.

Sharif, Noor

Strauss, Dana

Grann-Ruaz, Sophia

Bartlett, Amy

Skinta, Matthew D.

Original Research Unicorns, Leprechauns and White Allies: Exploring the Space Between Intent and Action 272

Khazanov, Gabriela K.

Grassetti, Stevie N.

Wertentheil, Atara

Guzi, Caroline E.

  Improving Support for Parents During Professional Psychology Training 282

Sanzari, Christina M.

Hormes, Julia M.

  Psychological and Professional Repercussions of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Female Faculty with Children: An Investigation of Outcomes Across Different Academic Career Stages 290

Hupp, Stephen

Clinical Practice Forum SHARE Strategies: Using Acronyms to Disseminate the Science of Clinical Child Psychology 299

Sullivan, Alexandra D.W.

Wright, Kat L.

Forehand, Rex

Student Forum Erasing Distance : Interstate Graduate-Student-Led Undergraduate Mentorship During COVID-19 302

Moshier, Samantha

  Interview Series: Clinical Psychology Careers: Off the Beaten Path 304

Blakey, Shannon M.

Student Forum : Career Pathways Exploring Mental Health Career Pathways: Mental Health Counseling and Social Work 306

Nikforov, Velizar

  Professional Careers and Training in Counseling: An Orientation for Prospective Mental Health Counselors 307

Benhamou, Kathy

Piccirillo, Marilyn L.

Jakubovic, Rafaella

  Professional Careers and Training in Social Work: An ABCT Primer with Gwilym Roddick, D.S.W., L.C.S.W. 310

Dattilio, Frank M.

Lighter Side The Use of Profanity in Cognitive Behavior Therapy 312

Skolnick, Rebecca B.

News ABCT Governance: Looking Behind the Curtain 314
  At ABCT Spotlight on a Mentor 316
    Student Research Grant Winner & Honorable Mention 280

Orsillo, Sue

Member Spotlight Getting to Know the Education Directorate at APA 318

tBT Volume 44, No. 5
ABCT, June 2021


Name Topic Title Page
Moreland, Angela
LeBeau, Richard
Anderson, RaeAnn
Special Issue: Violence Introduction to the Special Issue on Violence 205
Boniface, Rosa L.
Grassetti, Stevie N. 
  A 2Generation Approach for Traumatic Stress: An Optimized Therapeutic Service Delivery Model for Adult and Child Victims of Intimate Partner Violence 208
Dauria, Emily F.
Gopalakrishnan, Lakshmi 
Madsen, Alexandra
Rodriguez, Christopher A.
Palomino, Ashley
James, Rhonda
Sandoval-Beverly, Reina
Kim, Susan
Oleas, Natalie
  Collaborative Approaches to Reduce Domestic Violence-Related Homicide: Program Description, Outcomes and Lessons Learned 216
Salami, Temilola
Lima, Alice
Hari, Cayla
Hegarty, Irene
Jacobs, Aly
Galicia, Betsy
  Mental Health Service Delivery for IPV Victims During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Technology as a Path Forward  225
Mii, Akemi E.
Coffey, Hannah M.
Huit, T. Zachary
McCoy, Kelsey
May, Gina
Meidlinger, Katie
Sonnen, Emily
Flood, Mary Fran
Hansen, David J.
  Adolescent Sexual Reoffending within the Family: Challenges in Risk Assessment, Prevention of Recidivism and Family Reunification 231
Yenne, Elise M.
Coffey, C. Adam
Pate, Allison
  The Perfect Storm: The Promise of Trauma-Informed Care in Reconceptualizing Psychotically Driven Material Filicide 236
Rieger, Agnes
Allen, Nicole E.
  Framing Gender-Based Violence: Implications for Effective Intervention 243
Sawchuk, Craig N.
Tolin, David F.
Olatunji, Bunmi O.
Meunier, Suzanne A.
Brady, Robert E.
Adams, Thomas
Obituary Jeffrey M. Lohr, Ph.D. 1946-2021 249
Teisler, David
McPherson, Dakota
Wall, Denman
At ABCT Changing Face of ABCT 251
Otto, Michael W.
Birk, Jeffrey L.
Lubin, Rebecca E.
  Teaching an Experimental Therapeutics and Science of Behavior Change Approach 252
    Revised Fellow Status for ABCT 254
DiBartolo, Patricia Marten   Leadership & Elections : Core Leadership Values for ABCT 256
  Nominate Champions of Evidence-Based Interventions 253
    ABCT's Next President-Elect and Representative-a-Large 256

tBT Volume 44, No. 4
ABCT, April 2021


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Tolin David President's Message Simplified Guiding Principles of Action for ABCT 157
Hernandez-Vallant Alexandra Native American Issues in Behavior Therapy and Research : Part II Introduction to the Special Issues in Behavior Therapy and Research : Part II 160
Lopez Susanna V.      
Winterowd Carrie      
Coser Ashleigh   For the Good of the Community : Considering the Impact of Evidence-Based Treatment Adaptation on Tribal Communities 161
Kominsky Terrence K.      
White Evan J.      
Masse Joshua J.   Parenting Practices and Acceptability of Behavioral Parent Training in American Indians and European Americans 171
McNeil Cheryl      
BigFoot Dolores Subia      
McNeil Daniel W.      
Seabrisge Sean D.   Assessing Parenting and Child Externalizing Behavior : An Initial Investigation into the Psychometric Properties of Parenting and Child Behavior Measures with American Indian Families 181
Coser Ashleigh D.      
Sullivan Maureen      
Lopez Susanna V.   An Overview of Alcohol use Interventions with American Indian/Alaska Native Peoples 190
Cole Ashley B.      
Leffingwell Thad R.      
Johnson Carrie L.   Final Development of the Native American Drum, Dance and Regalia Program (NADDAR), a Behavioral Intervention Utilizing Traditional Practices for Urban Native American Families : A Focus Group Study 198
Begay Cynthia      
Dickerson Daniel      

tBT Volume 44, No. 3
ABCT, March 2021


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Tolin David F. President's Message Reviewing the Recommendations of the ABCT Task Force for Equity, Inclusion and Access 113
Eimer Mary Jane At ABCT From your Executive Director : What Your Leadership and Staff are Working on to Serve you Better 117
Lopez Suzanna V. Native American Issues in Behavior Therapy and Research : Part 1 Introduction to the Special Issue of Native American Issues in Behavior Therapy and Research : Part 1 118
Hernandez-Vallant Alexandra      
Winterowd Carrie      
Herron Jaylene L.   Best Practices for Researchers Serving and Working with American Indian and Alaska Native People and Communities 119
McNeil Daniel W.      
Winterowd Carrie      
Kruman Alek E.   The Imperative of Indigenous Knowledge : Models and Principles to Support Non-Indigenous Professionals 127
Macfarlane Angus      
Duckworth Fiona      
Harris Fleur      
Graziosi Marianna   The Spiritual Dimensions of American Indian Life : Considerations for Clinical Practice 134
Armstrong Cassidy      
Cole Ashley B.      
Reilly Erin E.      
Robbins Rockey   The Chocktaw Boy and the Red Stick : A Counselor's Reflection on Integrating Indigenous Traditions with Therapeutic End-of-Life Care 144
Rosencrans Anne      
Hernandez-Vallant Alexandra   Culturally Relevant Evidence-Based Practice for Therapists Serving American Indian and Alaska Native Clients 149
Herron Jalene L.      
Fox Lauren P.      
Winterowd Carrie L.      

tBT Volume 44, No. 2
ABCT, February 2021


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
LeBeau Richard Message from the Editor Looking Back and Moving Forward 61
Eimer May Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director : What your Leadership and Staff are Working on to Serve You Better 63
Calhoun Casey D. Academic Forum Considering First-Generation Status Among Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students 65
Bernard Donte L.      
Medina Luis D.      
Behar Evelyn      
Smith April R.      
Miller Adam B.      
Franklin Joseph C.      
Diaz Martinez Angelica M.      
Scarpa Angela      
Nock Mathew K.      
Prinstein Mitchell J.      
DeLapp Celenia L. Clinical Practice Forum Talking Racial Stress : Clinician Recommendations for Exploring Racial Stress with BIPOC Patients 75
DeLapp Ryan C.T.      
Veilleux Jennifer C. Op-Ed Pink Hair, Don't Care? Unpacking the Concept of Professional Appearance for Modern Therapists 80
Schwartz-Mette Rebecca A.      
Donahue Joseph M. Student Forum Addressing Disparities in Professional Psychology Through Undergraduate Mentorship : Lessons Learned and a Call to Action 84
Mian Maha N.      
Schwarff Adela      
Hormes Julia M.      
Gordis Elana B.      
Prelow Hazel M.      
Schumacher Julie A. Clinical Training Forum Practice and Dissemination of Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment : Integrating Psychology Interns into Medical Student Education 90
Williams Daniel C.      
McAffee Nicholas W.      
Madson Michael B.      
Lim Crystal S.      
Tull Peggy Clinical Practice Forum Adapting a Mental Health Promotion Program for LGBTQ Youth and Their Allies to Address Activism as a Coping Strategy 94
Heck Nicholas C.      
Feinstein Brian A.      
    At ABCT Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members 99
      Welcome, New Members 103
      Preparing to Submit an Abstract 104
      Call for Ticketed Sessions - 55th Annual Convention 105
      Call for Papers - 55th Annual Convention 106
      ABCT and  Continuing Education 107
      Call for Nominations - Champions 109
      Call for Nominations - Awards & Recognition 110

tBT Volume 44, No. 1
ABCT, January 2021


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Tolin David F. President's Message Engaging Our Stakeholders 1
Eimer Mary Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director : What Your Leadership and Staff are Working on to Serve You Better 4
Schleider Jessica L. Original Research Open Pilot Trial of a Single-Session Consultation Service for Clinets on Psychotherapy Wait-Lists 8
Sung Jenna Y.      
Bianco Amanda      
Gonzalez Adam      
Vivian Dina      
Mullarkey Michael C.      
Halverson Tate F. Literature Review Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in Psychiatric Rehabilitation for the Schizophrenia Spectrum : Finding the Forgotten Stephchild 15
Davidson Charlie A.      
Spaulding William      
Penn David L.      
McVey Alana J. Clinical Practice Forum A Call for Compassion : Evidence-Based Strategies for Working with Autistic Clients without Co-Ocurring Intellectual Disability in Therapy 23
Schitz Hillary K.      
Boeh Henry      
Hawks Jessica L.   A Transdiagnostic Approach to the Treatment of Autonomic Dysfunction Associated with Orthostatic Intolerance in Pediatric Patients 32
Pitula Clio      
Shoop Jamie      
Blakey Shannon News A Summary of Dr. Martin Antony's ABCT Presidential Address 38
Sewart Amy   A Synopsis of Dr. Philip C. Kendall's Lifetime Achievement Award Address : "Managing Anxiety in Youth : More Action Than Talk" 40
Lopez Karla      
Strauss Dana   Summary of Dt. Luana Marques's Invited Address : "Leveraging Implementation Science and Community-Based Partnerships to Bridge the Science-Practice Gap Among Diverse Populations" 41
Gallo Jade      
Andrews, III Arthur R.   Invited Address : Dr. Allison Harvey and Looking to the Next Phase of Transdiagnostic Interventions 43
Lopez Joel   Summary of Eric Youngstrom's Invited Address : "Helping Give Away Psychological Science:Bringing the Best of Our Work to the People Who Would Benefit" 44
Moshier Samantha   Summary of Dr. Zindel Segal's Invited Address " Strange Bedfellows Share Mutual Dreams : Increasing Access to Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Mood and Anxiety Disorders 45
Moreland Angela   Summary of Invited Panel "Promoting Better, Equittable Access to Evidence-Based Mental Health Services in a Community Behavioral Health System" 47
Sewart Amy   Summary of Invited Panel "Personalizing Treatment to Improve CBT Outcomes" 49
Brashear Amanda      
      ABCT Launches Inaugural Briefing Books Initiative 50
      Preparing to Submit an Abstract 51
      Call for Ticketed Sessions - 55th Annual Convention 52
      Call for Papers - 55th Annual Convention 53
      Understanding the ABCT Convention 54
      ABCT and Continuing Education 55
      Call for Award Nominations 58