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tBT CoverAn ABCT tradition, the Behavior Therapist has stimulated readers for over 40 years with its high-quality, thought-provoking articles on cognitive and behavioral practice, theory, and research, including humor, reviews, training program overviews, clinical dialogues, and news of the field. A publication devoted to work by seasoned clinicians, researchers, and students alike, often featuring theoretical debates among pioneers of the field, tBT is an excellent educational tool and archive of the field's evolution. Received by all ABCT members (8 times a year), the Behavior Therapist is ABCT's most popular publication.

Editor: Gregory S. Chasson, Ph.D.

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tBT Journals (2020)

2020 Editions of the Behavior Therapist Journal.
tBT Volume 43, No. 8
ABCT, December 2020


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Brown Lily Message from the Editors Introduction to the Special Issue: Suicide Prevention 281
LeBeau Richard      
Chapman Alexander L. Clinical Practice Forum Telehealth and Suicide Risk Management 285
Hood Philippa      
Sears Meredith S.   Suicide Prevention in Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Integrating Firearm Lethal Means Safety Counseling into Practice 293
Lovato Jackson Lauren      
Gaona Lizbeth      
Zullo Lucas Original Research Enhancing Safety: Acute and Short - Term Treatment Strategies for Youths Presenting with Suicidality and Self-Harm 300
Meza Jocelyn      
Rolon-Arroyo Benjamin      
Vargas Sylvanna      
Venables Chase      
Miranda Jeanne      
Asarnow Joan R.      
Holman Caroline S. Science Forum Suicide Prevention within the Veterans Administration 305
Bozzay Melanie L.      
Barredo Jennifer      
Lenger Katherine A.      
Primack Jennifer      
May Alexis M. Clinical Practice Forum Are Two Heads Better Than One? Including Partners in Suicide Prevention 310
Khalifian Chandra E.   Treatment for Relationship and Safety Together (TR&ST): A Novel Couples-Based Suicide-Specific Intervention 318
Leifker Feea      
Morland Leslie A.      
Depp Colin      
Glynn Shirley      
Bryan Craig      
Yarrington Julia S. Original Research Exploring Factors Related to Suicide Risk in a Unique Sample of Socially Anxious Job Seekers 325
LeBeau Richard T.      
Ruiz Julian      
Bornheimer Lindsay A.      
Craske Michelle G.      
Himle Joseph      
Marks Rocky Literature Review The History, Ethics and Current State of Suicide Policy in America's Correctional System 335
Moreira Nicole      
Law Keyne C.      
Klonsky E. David Op-Ed Understanding Suicide to Prevent Suicide 339
Pachkowski Mikayla      
Shahnaz Arezoo      
Reinecke Mark A. Obituaries    
DiGiuseppe Ray   Arthur Freeman 344
Hollon Steve   Scott Lilienfield 345
Lovejoy Carl   Don Vardell Jr. 346

tBT Volume 43, No. 7
ABCT, October 2020


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Antony Martin M. President's Message Planning for ABCT'S Future 229
Eimer Mary Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director 232
Feinstein Brian A. Message from the Editors Introduction to the Special Issue: Psychologists' Role in Advocacy to Support the Health of Marginalized Populations 234
Puckett Jae A.      
Burgess Claire Science Forum Improving Clinical Research to Inform Advocacy Initiatives with Underserved Individuals 235
Batchelder Abigail      
Cyperski Melissa A.   Supporting Transgender/Gender Diverse Youth Across Settings and Systems of Care: Experiences from a Pediatric Interdisciplinary Clinic 242
Romano Mary E.      
Brady Cassandra C.      
Hope Debra A.   Advocacy Opportunities from Academic-Community Partnerships: Three Examples from Trans Collaborations 247
Woodruff Nathan      
Mocarski Richard      
Klein Corinna Original Research The Role of Advocacy in Community-Partnered Research with Lay Health Workers in Latinx Communities (Promotoras de Salud) 250
Sanchez Erika Luis      
Gonzales Juan Carlos      
Flores Iliana      
Rosas Yessica Green      
Barnett Miya      
Asnaani Anu Science Forum Mobilizing Mental Health Training Efforts to Align with Advocacy for Disenfranchised Groups in Global Contexts: Trauma-Related Training in the Caribbean as an Example 254
Charley White Su-Anne R.      
Phillip Tammi-Marie      
Aguirre Monique C. Original Research The Role of Advocacy in Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program for Couple-Based Delivery that Reaches Marginalized Groups 261
Brown Heather      
Gershenoff Dana      
Hinton Kristie L.      
Huntzinger Olivia M.      
Klein Natalie      
Ramos Carmen      
Tavoke-Pasi O. Fahina      
Witte Brieanne      
Wolfsfield Marc      
Sher Tamara      
Simmons Debra L.      
Smith Timothy W.      
Clark Lauren      
Baucom Katherine J.W.      
Alire Lorraine U. Science Forum Refill Your Well: An Online Acceptance-Based Behavioral Burnout Management Guide for Activists of Color Resisting Racism 266
Gorman Kaitlyn R.      
Ying Anna M.      
Suyemoto Karen L.      
Nadal Kevin L. Discussion From Revelations to Revolutions: Integrating Social Justice Principles into Behavioral and Cognitive Science 271


tBT Volume 43, No. 6
ABCT, September 2020


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Antony Martin M. President's Message ABCT's Response to Systemic Racism and Discrimination 189
Eimer Mary Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director 192
Printz Pereira Destiny M.B. Op-Ed The Ethical Obligation of Allyship : Why and How White Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy Professionals Need to Foster Black Equality 194
George Jamilah R.      
Ponting Carolyn   Responding to Calls for Racial Justice in Intervention Science: The Dialectic 200
Dixon De Silva Louise E.      
Chodzen Gia      
Bocanegra Elizabeth S.      
Chavira Denise A.      
Liu Nancy H. Clinical Practice Forum Address, Avert or Avoid? Navigating Conflicts in Client-Clinician Beliefs During Polarized Times 206
McLean Carmen P.      
Weiss Brandon J.      
Moore Kelly      
Park Alayna L. Original Research Stress, Functioning and Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results from an Online Convenience Sample 210
Velez Clarissa V.      
Kannan Kamini      
Chorpita Bruce F.      
Regan Jennifer Science Forum Applying Psychological Science in Government Behavioral Health Settings: A Psychologist's Perspective 217
Okamura Kelsie      
Rodriguez Adriana      
Benson Lisa      
Orimoto Trina      
Ward Alyssa      
O'Donohue William Op-Ed I Like Vegan Berry Ice Cream and Professor P Likes Vegan Berry Ice Cream Too 223
Warren Ricks Obituary Remembering Jack Newman 226

tBT Volume 43, No. 5
ABCT, June 2020


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Antony Martin M. President's Message Living with COVID-19: How ABCT is Dealing with the Pandemic 153
Eimer Mary Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director 156
Paluszek Michelle M. Science Forum The Psychological Sequelae of the COVID-19 Pandemic Psychological Processes, Current Research Ventures and Preparing for a Post-pandemic World 158
Landry Caeleigh A.      
Taylor Steven      
Asmundson Gordon J.G.      
Krompinger Jason W. Clinical Practice Forum Adapting Exposure and Response Prevention in the Age of COVID-19 166
Kuckertz Jennie M.      
Schreck Meghan      
Nota Jacob A.      
Van Kirk Nathaniel      
Falkenstein Martha J.      
Dueweke Aubrey R.   Resources and Recommendations for Engaging Children and Adolescents in Telemental Health Interventions During COVID-19 and Beyond 171
Wallace Megan M.      
Nicasio Andel V.      
Villalobos Bianca T.      
Hernandez Rodriguez Juventino      
Stewart Regan W.      
Bernini Dowling Carey Original Research Changes in College Students' Opinions on Parenting: Undergraduate Education as Primary Prevention 176
Marten DiBartolo Patricia At ABCT Now More Than Ever: In Search of ABCT Leadership in 2021 and Beyond 183
    Plus Annual Convention Preview: Ticketed Sessions 184
      ABCT Seeks Outreach & Continuing Education Manager 186
      Call for Nominations: Champions 187
      Call for Nominations: Mentors 188

tBT Volume 43, No. 4
ABCT, April 2020


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Antony Martin President's Message Innovative CBT Delivery Model Being Rolled Out in Ontario Canada 113
Eimer Mary Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director 116
LeBeau Richard Contemporary Issues in Clinical Training Introduction to the Special Issue 118
Cooper Lee D.   Training Competencies for Master’s Programs in Health Service Psychology 118
Bertagnolli Andrew      
Botanov Yegeny      
Jun Janie J.      
Valenstein-Mah Helen      
Washburn Jason J.      
Teisler David      
Keenan-Miller Danielle   Setting Standards for Supervision in a Clinical Science Training Clinic 127
Boyd Meredith      
Westman Jonathan G.      
Chorpita Bruce      
Southward Matthew W.   Navigating the New Landscape of Value-Based Care: An Example of Increasing Access, Improving Quality and Reducing Costs Using the Unified Protocol 134
Cassiello-Robbins Clair      
Zelkowitz Rachel L.      
Rosenthal M. Zachary      
Matsuno Em   The Importance of Empowering Nonbinary Psychology Trainees and Guidelines on How to Do So 137
Dominguez Sergio      
Waagen Trevor      
Roberts Nat      
Hashtpari Halleh      
Gamarra Jennifer M.   Reflections on Supervision in a University Counseling Center Utilizing a Brief Treatment Model 143
Hammett Julia F.      
McKay Dean Lighter Side The Instructions that Would Not Load 143
Codd, III R. Trent      
    At ABCT Call for Nominations: Champions 143
      ABCT Seeks Outreach & Continuing Education Manager 149
      Welcome, New Members 150

tBT Volume 43, No. 3
ABCT, March 2020


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Cohen Jeffrey M. Clinical Practice Forum Adapting Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies to Meet the Unique Needs of Sexual and Gender Minorities 81
Eimer Mary Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director 88
Muth Virginia Kelly Arlt Mutch Original Research Clinicians' Mindfulness and Treatment Outcomes for Substance-Using Adolescents 90
Evans Susan      
Wyka Katarzyna E.      
Stewart David G.      
Beard Courtney   Acceptability of Behavioral Activation Smartphone Apps Following Acute Psychiatric Treatment 97
Ramadurai Ramya      
Forgeard Marie      
Christensen Kirsten      
Schueller Stephen      
Bjorgvinsson Throstur      
Reuman Lillian Student Form Mentorship Matters: Graduate Student Mentorship of Undergraduate Mentees 102
Franz Molly      
White Susan At ABCT Introducing the ABCT Clinical Practice Series 108
Farrell Lara      
Jarrett Matthew      
Muroff Jordana      
Perez Marisol      
      54th Annual Convention: Call for Papers 109
      Call for Champions 110
      Webinar 111
      ABCT & Child Care 112


tBT Volume 43, No. 2
ABCT, February 2020


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Antony Martin M. President's Message Looking Ahead 49
Eimer Mary Jane At ABCT From Your Executive Director 51
Okamura Kelsie H. News Reflections on the 2019 ABCT Presidential Address: "Increasing the World's Therapeutic Intelligence Through Strategic Alignment of Individuals, Institutions and Industries" 52
Becker-Haimes Emily M.      
Orimoto Trina E.      
Park Alayna L.      
Becker Carolyn Black Op-Ed Stepping Up Our Game: How ABCT Members Can Do More to Promote Equity, Access, and Inclusion by Rethinking Our Reliance on the GRE 56
Wang Chiachih D.C. Literature Review Evolvement, Current Status and Modifications of CBT in China and Taiwan 59
Wang Ying-Fen      
Sun Yueyi      
Codd III R. Trent News How to Use Positive Reinforcement to Support Meaningful Change in your World 66
    At ABCT Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members 69
      Call for Award Nominations 74
      Call for Champions 76
      Preparing to Submit an Abstract 77
      Call for Papers: Ticketed Sessions 78
      Call for Papers: General Sessions 79


tBT Volume 43, No. 1
ABCT, January 2020


Last Name

First Name






Message from the Editor

The Past, Present and Future of the Behavior Therapist: A Message from the Editor



Mary Jane


From your Executive Director



Minden B.

Original Research

Military Sexual Trauma Survivor Preferences for Provider Gender and Associations with Mental Health Evaluation Attendance



RaeAnn E.



Diana C.



Edward J.



Rachel B.



Sara K.H.



Brittany A.


Increasing Behavioral Health Appointment Attendance Using Warm Handoffs in an Integrated Primary Care Setting









Jessica A.



Lorey A.



Rahil D.



Lily A.


Implementation of Technology-Driven Comprehensive Physical Health Assessment in an Anxiety Specialty Clinic: Preliminary Pilot Study Findings


















RaeAnn E.


How to be an Advocate: Summary of "Realizing ABCT's Mission in a Politicized World" Presented by Lynn Bufka, Anita Brown, Brandon Gaudiano, Megan Gordan-Kane, Lauren Maclvor



Erica L.









Kristin E.





Andrews III

Arthur R.


The Public Health Takeaway at ABCT 2019: Discussions at an Invited Panel with Dr. Sonja Schoenwald





A Summary of Dr. Matthew Sanders' Invited Address: "Transforming the Lives of Children, Parents and Communities: Accomplishments and Future Opportunities"





A Reflection on Dr. Vikram Patel's 2019 ABCT Invited Address



Awards & Recognition

Awards Ceremony, 2019



Awards & Recognition

Call for Award Nominations, 2020



Awards & Recognition

Call for Champions



Convention 2020

Preparing to Submit an Abstract



Convention 2020

Call for Ticketed Sessions



Convention 2020

Call for Papers: General Sessions



Convention 2020

Understanding the ABCT Convention



Convention 2020

ABCT & Continuing Education