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tBT CoverAn ABCT tradition, the Behavior Therapist has stimulated readers for over 40 years with its high-quality, thought-provoking articles on cognitive and behavioral practice, theory, and research, including humor, reviews, training program overviews, clinical dialogues, and news of the field. A publication devoted to work by seasoned clinicians, researchers, and students alike, often featuring theoretical debates among pioneers of the field, tBT is an excellent educational tool and archive of the field's evolution. Received by all ABCT members (8 times a year), the Behavior Therapist is ABCT's most popular publication.

Editor: Gregory S. Chasson, Ph.D.

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tBT Journals (2015)

2015 Editions of the Behavior Therapist Journal.
tBT Volume 38, No. 8
ABCT, December 2015


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Brock Rebecca L. Science Forum Addressing the Psychology Internship Crisis: Converging the Perspectives of the Psychology Community 245
Allen Kristy Benoit      
Stasik-O'Brien Sara M.      
Farach Frank J.      
Wilson Kelly G.      
Moravecek Michael J. Access & Equity Behavioral Consultation Within a Psychiatric Hospital Setting 256
Price Rebecca B. Letters to the Editor Response to the Special Issue 259
Ellard Kristen K.      
Weissman Adam S.      
Deckhersbach Thilo      
Mohlman Jan      
Raedt Rudi De      
Siegle Greg J.      
Pies Ronald W.   Response to Lacasse and Leo (2015) 260
Carlat Daniel J.   Response to Lacasse and Leo (2015) 262
Lacasse Jeffrey R.   Response to Daniel Carlat (2015) and Ronald Pies (2015) 263
Leo Jonathan      
    At ABCT Classified 266
      Voluntary Contributors, 2015 266
      Call for Continuing Education Sessions 267
      Call for Award Nominations 268
      Call for Officer Nominations 269

tBT Volume 38, No. 7
ABCT, October 2015


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Abramowitz Jonathan S. President's Message The Biomedical Model: Caveat Emptor 169
Deacon  Brett The Biomedical Model of Psychological Problems Introduction to the Special Issue 172
McKay Dean      
Lilienfeld Scott O.   Neurocentrism: Implications for Psychotherapy Practice and Research 173
Schwartz Seth J.      
Meca Alan      
Sauvigne Katheryn C.      
Satel Sally      
Lebowitz Matthew S.   Can Biomedical Models of Psychopathology Interfere with Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Processes? 181
Adams Jr. T. Grover      
Abramovitch Amitai   Misuse of Cognitive Neuropsychology in Psychiatry Research: The Intoxicating Appeal of Neo-Reductionism 187
Schweiger Avraham      
Whitaker Robert   Anatomy of an Epidemic: The History and Science of a Failed Paradigm of Care 192
Spielmans Glen   When Marketing Met Science: Evidence Regarding Modern Antidepressants and Antipsychotic Medications 199
Lacasse Jeffrey R.   Antidepressants and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression: A Reflection and Update on the Discourse 206
Leo Jonathan      
Moncrieff Joanna   The Myths and Realities of Drug Treatment for Mental Disorders 214
Peele Stanton   Why Neurobiological Model Contain Mental Disorder and Addiction 218
Hayes Steven C.   Using the Functional and Contextual Approach of Modern Evolution Science to Direct Thinking about Psychopathology 222
Sanford Brandon T.      
Feeney Timothy K.      
Kinderman Peter   A Psychological Model of Mental Health and Well-Being: Rational but Radical 227
Deacon Brett J.   The Biomedical Model of Psychological Problems: A Call for Critical Dialogue 231
McKay Dean      
McGrath Patrick B.   ABCT 2015: My Kind of Town, Chicago! 236
Kass Andrea      
Dave Pooja      
Vas Shona      
      Call for Continuing Education Sessions 239
      Call for Nominations for ABCT Officers 240
      Welcome, New Members! 241
      Call for Award Nominations 242

tBT Volume 38, No. 6
ABCT, September 2015


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Abramowitz Jonathan S. President's Message Walgreens, Auto Mechanics, and the Arc of a Life 141
Brown Todd E. Science Forum The Uncertain Steps on the Certain Path to Progress: Some Guesses About the Future of Cognitive and Behavior Therapies 144
Reding Michael E.J.      
Chorpita Bruce F.       
Miller Annette Access & Equity Using Functional Analytic Psychotherapy to Improve Awareness and Connection in Racially Diverse Client-Therapist Dyads 150
Williams Monnica T.      
Wetterneck Chad T.      
Kanter Jonathan      
Tsai Mavis      
Goodman Fallon R. Science Forum Behind the Scenes of Clinical Research: Lessons from a Mindfulness Intervention With Student-Athletes 157
Kashdan Todd B.      
Pantalone David W. Clinical Training Update Creating Publishable Writing Assignments in Clinical Psychology Graduate Courses: A DBT Seminar Reviews the Treatment Outcome Literature 159
Bankoff Sarah M.      
Valentine Sarah E.      
Linehan Marsha M. Professional & Legislative Issues How to Establish Yourself as a Burgeoning Psychological Practitioner, Researcher and Teacher in Today's Political World 163
Maack Danielle At ABCT ABCT Student Buddy Program 165
      Calls for Editors 167

tBT Volume 38, No. 5
ABCT, June 2015


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Abramowitz Jonathan S. President's Message The Only Thing to Fear 113
Newman-Kingery Julie Clinical Forum Developmentally Sensitive Implementation of Core Elements of Evidence-Based Treatments: Practical Strategies for Youth with Internalizing Disorders 116
Grover Rachel L.      
Hansen David J.      
Nangle Douglas W.      
Suveg Cynthia      
Mychailyszyn Matthew P.      
Andersson Gerhard Research - Practice Links Guided Internet-Delivered CBT: Can it Really be as Good as Seeing a Therapist? 123
Rozental Alexander      
Riick Christian      
Carlbring Per      
Drossel Claudia News & Notes Behavioral Interventions Are First-Line Treatments for Managing Changes Associated with Cognitive Decline 126
Traham Maranda A.      
Flanagan Julianne C. Science Forum Developing International Collaborations for Early Career Researchers in Psychology 131
Barrett Emma L.      
Crome Erica      
Forbes Miriam      
Stroud Catherine B. SIG Spotlight Clinical Psychology at Liberal Arts Colleges SIG 135
Sheets Erin S.      
Shih Josephine H.      
Schofield Casey A.      
Friedman-Wheeler Dara G.      
Lohr Jeffrey M. Book Review Babson, K.A. & Feldner, M.T. (2015) Sleep and Affect: Assessment, Theory and Clinical Implications 137
    Calls for Editors Calls for Editors of tBT and Behavior Therapy 139

tBT Volume 38, No. 4
ABCT, April 2015


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Abramowitz Jonathan S. President's Message Birds of a Feather 85
Adams Thomas G. Science Forum A Meta-Analysis of CBT Components for Anxiety Disorders 87
Brady Robert E.      
Lohr Jeffrey M.      
Jacobs W. Jake      
Riggs Sally E. Clinical Forum Brief Cognitive Therapy for Schizophrenia Interventions for the Therapeutic Milieu 97
Delapp Ryan C.T. Professional & Legislative Issues Professional Challenges Facing African American Psychologists: The Presence and Impact of Racial Microaggressions 101
Williams Monnica T.      
    At ABCT Introducing … Linda M. Still, CMP, Director of Education and Meeting Services, to the ABCT Central Office 106
      Welcome, Newest Members! 108
Wilson G. Terrence Obituary Cyril M. Franks, Ph.D. 107

tBT Volume 38, No. 3
ABCT, March 2015


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Abramowitz Jonathan S. President's Message Technology and Young People: The Perils and Potentials 57
Sandoz Emily K. Clinical Forum Building Awareness, Openness and Action: Values Work in Behavior Therapy 60
Anderson Russell S.      
Dixon Laura J. Student Forum The What, Why, and How of Tracking Your Training: A Primer for Clinical Psychology Students 70
Mahaffey Brittain Professional Psychology    
Reed Kathleen Palm Clinical Training Update First Generation Students in Professional Psychology: Challenges and Training Recommendations 74
Rego Simon Obituary Essential Arnie 78
Davison Gerald C.   Arnold A. Lazarus (1932-2013) 80
Wilson G. Terrance      

tBT Volume 38, No. 2
ABCT, February 2015


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Abramowitz Jonathan S. President's Message ABCT Responds to the NIMH Strategic Plan 33
Stanick Cameo Open Forum Dancing with Ourselves? Reflections on Increasing Stakeholder Involvement in ABCT 38
Yoman Jerome      
Gallo Kaitlin      
Trent Lindsay      
Reding Michael E.J.      
Kim Rachel      
Guan Karen      
Steinfeld Brad      
Schaumberg Katherine Science Forum The Paper Chase: Reflections on an Exercise in Collaborative Scientific Writing 43
Mota Natalie      
Dixon Laura      
Sippel Lauren      
Jackson Michelle      
Vinci Christine      
May Anna      
Schumacher Julie A.      
Coffey Scott F.      
Kashdan Todd B. Training Forum Creating Clinical Psychology Graduate Courses That Lead to Peer-Reviewed Publications: A Case Study 47
DiMauro Jennifer      
Disabato David      
Folk Johanna B.      
Carter Sarah      
Goodman Fallon      
    At ABCT Classified 36
      Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members 49
      Call for Award Nominations 53
      Preparing to Submit an Abstract 54
      Call for Papers: 49th Annual Convention 55

tBT Volume 38, No. 1
ABCT, January 2015


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Abramowitz Jonathan S. President's Message The State of ABCT 1
Tafuri Sydney Student Forum Cognitive Behavioral Master's Programs: An Updated Resource for Applicants and Advisors 4
Jaffe Anna E.      
DiLilo David      
Van-Orden Kimberley A. Science Forum Debunking RDoC Myths 12
Arean Patricia A.      
O'Donohue William Legislative and Professional Issues The Entrepreneurial Professor: An Oxymoron or a Necessity? 14
Snipes Cassandra      
Howard Christopher      
Medjuck Josh      
McLean Carmen P. CTSA Spotlight Training, Research and Practice in CBT at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety 18
Alpert Eizabeth      
Yadin Elna      
Menzies Ross G. World Congress Announcement Come to Australia in 2016 21
Brown Mary Ellen At ABCT So Long, It's Been Fun 23
      2014 Awards & Recognition Photo Gallery 24
      2014 New Student Awards: Interviews 25
      Call for Continuing Education Sessions for 2015 27
      Preparing to Submit an Abstract 27
      Call for Papers: 49th Annual Convention 29
      Call for Officer Nominations 31