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tBT CoverAn ABCT tradition, the Behavior Therapist has stimulated readers for over 40 years with its high-quality, thought-provoking articles on cognitive and behavioral practice, theory, and research, including humor, reviews, training program overviews, clinical dialogues, and news of the field. A publication devoted to work by seasoned clinicians, researchers, and students alike, often featuring theoretical debates among pioneers of the field, tBT is an excellent educational tool and archive of the field's evolution. Received by all ABCT members (8 times a year), the Behavior Therapist is ABCT's most popular publication.

Editor: Gregory S. Chasson, Ph.D.

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tBT Journals (2010)

2010 Editions of the Behavior Therapist Journal.
tBT Volume 33, No. 8
ABCT, December 2010


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Andrasik Frank President's Message The Year in Review 149
McKay Dean Clinical Forum The Mainstream News Media, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Psychopharmacology: An Illustration Using The New York Times 152
Anukem Valeri O.   Recommendations From Community Experts on the Development of Implementation Strategies for Embedding Evidence-Based Treatments in Community Settings 157
Blackburn Joyce E.      
Gianneski Colleen D.      
Herschell Amy D.      
Hughes Carol A.      
Probst Meghan M.      
Shaver Meghan E.      
Taylor Patricia R.      
Siegle Greg J. Research Forum Tips on Writing National Research Service Award Predoctoral Fellowship Proposals from Real NRSA Reviewers 160
Johnson Sheri L.      
Everhart D. Erik      
Newton  Tamara      
Guerry John Web Corner Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 165
    At ABCT Classifieds 164
      Welcome, New Members 166
      Voluntary Contributors 168
      Call for Award Nominations 169
      Call for Officer Nominations 170

tBT Volume 33, No. 7
ABCT, October 2010


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Andrasik Frank President's Message Another Look Inside the Boardroom: Dissemination, Dissemination, Dissemination 125
Perlis Michael L. Clinical Forum Should Insomnia Be a Primary Focus for Treatment? 128
Posner Donn      
Crosby Jesse M. Research Forum How Well Are We Doing at Reporting Participant Characteristics in Our Research? 133
Gundy Jessica M.      
Armstrong Andrew B.      
Nye Emily W.      
Boman Adam      
Nelson Casey R.      
Twohig Michael P.      
Weissman Adam S. Student Forum Getting Ahead of the Curve as a Graduate Student and Beyond 135
Wampold Bruce E. Letter to the Editor Yes, I Have an Allegiance … to the Research Evidence 137
Hankin Benjamin Obituary In Memoriam: John R.Z. Abela 139
Gibb Brandon      
Compton Scott N. At ABCT Statistics and Research Methodology at ABCT: AMASS and Beyond 140
Shipherd Jillian C.   The ABCT Convention Workshop Proposal Submission Process: Frequently Asked Questions 141
Kaplan Kate A.   Convention 2010: Getting Ready for San Francisco 143
Kanady Jennifer C.      
Soehner Adriane M.      
Harvey Allison G.      
DiGiuseppe Raymond   Nominations for ABCT Officers: Choosing the Leaders 145
    Classified   142
    Call for Award Nominations   147

tBT Volume 33, No. 6
ABCT, September 2010


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Andrasik Frank President's Message Two Meetings and a Move 109
Kichuk Stephan A. Clinical Forum Toward Increased Tolerability of Exposure Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 111
Austad Carol Shaw      
Flood William A.   Behavioral Assessment of an Elimination Diet to Treat Purported Food Sensitivity and Problem Behaviors in Autism: A Clinical Case Report 116
Lynn Catherine      
Mortensen III John      
Luiselli James K.      
Liu Nancy H. News & Notes Edna Foa Named One of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World 120
DiLilo David      
Leahy Robert L.   David M. Clark, Recipient of Distinguished Scientific Award for Application of Psychology from the American Psychological Association 121
    At ABCT Awards & Recognition, 2010 122
      Self-Help Books of Merit, 2010 122

tBT Volume 33, No. 4
ABCT, April 2010


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Andrasik Frank President's Message Behavioral Medicine: Looking Forward 69
Jones Deborah J. Clinical Forum Behavioral Parent Training: Is There an "App" for That? 72
Forehand Rex      
McKee Laura G.      
Cuellar Jessica      
Kincaid Carlye      
Goldfried Marvin   How Can We Close the Gap Between Clinical Practice and Research? 78
Gulliver Suzy Bird Lighter Side Stanley Falls Flat at the IRB 81
Klocek John W.       
Steffen Laurie E.      
    At ABCT Welcome, New Members! 82
      Call for Web Editor 87

tBT Volume 33, No. 3
ABCT, March 2010


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Andrasik Frank President's Message Behavioral Medicine: Back to the Future 45
Sabesvitz Jill Research Forum One-Session Treatment for Snake-Fearful Individuals: An Open Trial Evaluating Short-Term Outcomes 48
Sheppard Sean C.      
Russo Amanda R.      
Forsyth John P.      
McCarthy Barry W. Clinical Forum Integrating Sexual Interventions and Psychosexual Skill Exercises into Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 54
Breetz Alisa A.      
Neudeck Peter   Learning Theory Aspects of the Interpersonal Discrimination Exercise in Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy 58
Penberthy J. Kim      
    At ABCT Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members 63
    WCBT 2010 In-Congress Workshops and Master Clinician Seminars 66

tBT Volume 33, No. 2
ABCT, February 2010


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Andrasik Frank President's Message Inside the Boardroom 25
Danielson Carla Kmett Research Forum Distress Tolerance, Risk-Taking Propensity and PTSD Symptoms in Trauma-Exposed Youth: Pilot Study 28
Ruggiero Kenneth J.      
Daughters Stacey B.      
Lejuez C.W.      
Hunt Melissa G.   Clinical Use of D-Cycloserine Augmentation in a Complex, Refractory Case of Anxiety 34
Chasson Gregory S. Science Forum When Stats Cliché Can Lead You Astray 38
Garnaat Sarah L.      
Doyle Kristene A. Book Review Dryden, W. (2009) Understanding Emotional Problems: The REBT Perspective 40
    At ABCT Preparing to Submit an Abstract: Convention 2010 42
      Call for Papers: 2010 Annual Convention 43
      Call for Award Nominations 44

tBT Volume 33, No. 1
ABCT, January 2010


Last Name First Name Topic Title Page
Solem Stian International Scene An International Comparison Between Different Theoretical Orientation of Psychotherapy: A Survey of Expert Opinions 1
Vogel Patrick A.      
Hofmann Stefan      
Tryon Warren W. Clinical Forum Professional Identity Based on Learning 9
Tryon Warren W.   Learning as Core of Psychological Science and Clinical Practice 10
Siev Jedidiah Letters to the Editor Treatment Specificity for Panic Disorder: A Reply to Wampold, Imel and Miller 12
Huppert Jonathan      
Chambless Dianne      
Hofmann Stefan   To Kill a Dodo Bird 14
Lohr Jeffrey      
Barlow David H.   The Dodo Bird - Again - and - Again 15
Taylor Steven   More on the Brain Disease Model of Mental Disorders 16
McKay Dean      
Abramowitz Jonathan      
Annunziato Rachel A. Book Reviews Cooper, Todd & Wells (2009) Treating Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating: An Integrated Metacognitive and Cognitive Therapy Manual 18
DiClemente Carlo C.   Klingemann & Sobell (Eds.) (2007) Promoting Self-Change from Addictive Behaviors: Practical Implication for Policy, Prevention and Treatment 19
    Classified   8
      Call for Papers: 2010 Annual Convention 21
      Call for Award Nominations 22
      Call for Officer Nominations, 2010 23