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Jacqueline B. Persons Recorded Webinar: Overcoming Treatment Failure (DOES NOT OFFER CE CREDIT)


1.5 CE credits earned with successful completion of the Post Webinar Quiz

Title: Overcoming Treatment Failure: A Problem-solving Exercise

Presented by Jacqueline B. Persons, Ph.D., Director, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Science Center

Abstract: All psychotherapists have the experience of working with clients who fail to make progress. Dr. Persons presents a model of clinical work that helps the clinician handle this common problem in an ethical and effective manner. The model is an evidence-based case formulation-driven approach that calls for the therapist to provide informed consent at the outset of treatment to let the patient know that the therapist will not continue treatment unless it is effective, monitor progress in every session, pursue a systematic strategy to attempt to overcome lack of progress when it occurs, and bring treatment to a close when treatment failure cannot be overcome.

In this webinar, Dr. Persons focuses on one part of the model: the clinician’s efforts to overcome treatment failure. Dr. Persons will walk clinicians through an exercise that will help them identify factors that may contribute to treatment failure in one of their own cases, and action items they can take to try to overcome the failure. Participants are asked to bring to the webinar a case they are treating that is not making progress (the exercise will not require the clinician to share any information about the case). Dr. Persons will ask participants for permission to contact them by e-mail after the webinar to evaluate the effects of the webinar training on the clinician’s practice, including to learn whether the clinician was able to implement the action items identified in the session. 

You will learn:

  • A model to guide idiographic evidence-based treatment
  • A systematic strategy for developing hypotheses about the causes of treatment failure that can lead to action items to address the failure

Recommended readings:

Kazdin, A. E. (1993). Evaluation in clinical practice:  Clinically sensitive and systematic methods of treatment delivery. Behavior Therapy, 24, 11-45.

Persons, J. B. (2008). The case formulation approach to cognitive-behavior therapy. New York: Guilford.

Persons, J. B., & Mikami, A. Y. (2002). Strategies for handling treatment failure successfully. 

About the presenter

Jacqueline B. Persons, Ph.D. is Director of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Science Center, a group private practice in Oakland, California, where she provides treatment to adults with mood and anxiety disorders and training in cognitive behavior therapy to clinicians, and conducts research that mostly focuses on the process and outcome of the treatment and training she provides. She is also Clinical Professor, Department of Psychology, University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Persons has published more than 60 articles and chapters, and has authored or co-authored three books. Her first book, Cognitive Therapy in Practice: A Case Formulation Approach, is widely considered a classic in the field. She is a highly-regarded trainer, and has presented dozens of training workshops in her local community, all over the United States, and around the world. She is past president of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) and the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology. Dr. Persons was named Outstanding Clinician by the ABCT in 2008. She received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1979.

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