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Roz Shafran Recorded Webinar: OCD & Perfectionism



1.5 CE credits earned with successful completion of the Post Webinar Quiz

Title: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Clinical Perfectionism 

Level: Advanced (known locally for expert knowledge, e.g., regularly carrying several of these cases)     

Presenter and Affiliations: Roz Shafran, Ph.D., Professor of Translational Psychology at the Institute of Child Health, University London; Founder of the Charlie Waller Institute of Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment.

Abstract: "Clinical perfectionism" is a highly specific construct designed to capture the type of perfectionism that can often poses problems in routine therapeutic practice. The core psychopathology of clinical perfectionism is an over evaluation of achievement and striving that causes significant adverse consequences.

Clinical perfectionism has been implicated in the maintenance of psychopathology, in particular eating disorders. A specific cognitive-behavioural intervention has been developed by the Oxford Eating Disorders Research Group for the treatment of clinical perfectionism in Axis I disorders including eating disorders, anxiety disorders and depression. The intervention has been enhanced by incorporating techniques used by clinical research groups in Australia. It can be delivered in traditional face-to-face individual or group therapy, or in the form of online self-help. The treatment has evaluated in a recent meta-analysis which demonstrated a positive impact on both perfectionism and Axis I disorders.

The webinar will be interactive and include both experiential and didactic teaching and video clips. Participants will have a chance to discuss their own cases. It is aimed at advanced cognitive-behaviour therapists and will retain a highly practical, clinical focus throughout.

You will learn:

  1. To understand the cognitive-behavioural analysis of clinical perfectionism and the factors that contribute to its maintenance
  2. To be aware of the relevant research literature and current evidence-base for the intervention.
  3. To be familiar with the cognitive-behavioural strategies used to assess and address clinical perfectionism.

Recommended readings:

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About the presenter: Roz Shafran is Professor of Translational Psychology at the Institute of Child Health, University College London and founder of the Charlie Waller Institute of Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment. Her clinical and research interests include cognitive behavioural theories and treatments for anxiety disorders, eating disorders and perfectionism across the age range. She has over 125 publications. She is an associate editor of Behaviour Research and Therapy and recipient of an award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology from the British Psychological Society.

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